Wonders of The Solar System

My friend’s right, plane time without KrisWorld Entertainment System = writing timeeee so yes :)

I’m watching the first episode of “Wonders of The Solar System” in the plane now and it’s… stunning. :O I haven’t watched it in a while, each episode averages 2 hours! But I love those films for the knowledge they impart, and for the idea -the hope– of stars and universes and futures beyond. The idea that we are so very very small and the universe is so very very big and… And I mean look at our amazing planet! What huge problems could we face that the skies and mountains cannot hold?! The Universe is magnificent and against all odds (fyi Drake’s equation can give you an idea of the odds), here we are, sentient human beings able to see and understand and know and learn just a fraction of it. It’s absolutely mind-blowing, don’t you think? How could we live life to anything but its fullest?! I think we owe it to whoever, whatever fate, God or evolution that brought us here. But more than owing it to anybody, I think it’s just pretty darned cool to use our God-given capacities of learning to appreciate our life, our world, and maybe even contribute to our ever-growing pool of knowledge one day. :)

To quote Eragon the Dragon-Rider from the Inheritance Cycle,

“The world is round”, he whispered. “The sky is hollow and the world is round.”

When Eragon was a child, Carvahall and Palancar Valley had been all he had known. He had heard of the Empire, of course, but it had never seemed quite real until he began to travel within it. Later still, his mental picture of the world had expanded to include the rest of Alagaesia an, vaguely, the other lands he had read of. And now he realized that what he had thought of as so large was actually but a small part of a much greater whole. It was as if his point of view had, within a few seconds, gone from that of an ant to that of an eagle.

For the sky was hollow, and the world was round.

It made him reevaluate and recategorize… everything  The war between the Varden and the Empire seemed inconsequential when compared with the true size of the world, and he thought how petty were most of the hurts and concerns the bedeviled people, when looked at from on high.

To Saphira, he said, “If only everyone could see what we have seen, perhaps there would be less fighting in the world.” “You cannot expect wolves to become sheep.” “No, but neither do the wolves have to be cruel to the sheep.”

It’s a beautiful idea, simply written. And one that I learnt a year or so ago, when I realised that all the funny things we do– fight for sweets as children, call dips on random freebies, scrabble for leftovers… well it’s fun yes hahaha but… if it’s serious, i rather stand back and let the rest take everything than fight with them for it. :) It’s hard, especially when it comes to intangible things like praises, recognition and all but… I don’t know. I really don’t know. Will knowledge, like what Eragon said help? Can everyone grasp that idea? ^That is also kinda why I like astronomy~ :)

OKAY back to the series! Even above and beyond all that lovely information, what makes the series particularly special to me is the host, Brain Cox. hahaha in the past 16 years of my life, IF i had a ‘crush’, it’d be him!! JUST KIDDING he just like a really cool fatherly figure, tis all~ But honestly, I really admire him for his amazing attitude and genuine love for physics and all ackkk i don’t know how to explain it, let me try again tomorrow. i wanna be a series host one day too!! :) and explore different places while sharing something i love to the world! :’) andddd Brian Cox’s accent is damn cute!! Hahaha everyone should watch an episode narrated by him in their lifetime :)

last thing– nice song! catchy beats and cute lyrics :) thank you ian.


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