styling ventures~

hey!! okay to cut a long story short– i was talking to one of my girl friends (‘normal’ talk, i.e. no complicated philosophy or worldviews) and i came to this amazing conclusion that i should do something girly over these hols.

what what what myskinisfinemusclesdontgrowovernight… anddd HAIR came to mind! (because makeup is so asdfghjkl you better have a wedding to persuade me haha) (not coz i don’t like it i do and it’s nice i’m just weirded out sometimes) to be honest i haven’t been doing much to my hair, as long as it was long and soft i was perfectly hohum-contended.

(if you’re interested, punching ‘hairstyles’ into google search yieldd 58,600,000 results in 0.23 seconds~ the marvel of technology)

so TONIGHT i’m gonna try curling it! while i sleep! i have a love-hate relationship with my curling iron since i got to know it a few months ago… :O i keep imagining leaving it on too long and my hair sizzling and smoking how horrifying T_T

okay here’s the seriously cool video i found and she talks so much, the first time i skipped through it BUT the second time i watched it while trying it i was actually glad for her rambles haha to distract me from my own struggles~ she used so many things i was rushing in and out of my room grabbing my brush and mirror (coz i hardly properly comb my hair– just run my fingers through it and it falls perfectly without me trying ;))

OMG okay HAHAHAHAHHA i look so funny!!!! i actually think it works though– coz i left it for a grand total of 10 minutes while walking around doing something else enduring my parent’s good-natured laughter and then gave up pulled it off and my hair looked wavy for a minute. *thoughtful look*

okayyy so that didn’t really work out so i tried the sock method!

hunting down cuttable socks is hilarious!! *mischievous grin* okay on to actually rolling my hair…

tying a ponytail on top of my head looked so incredibly funny i was laughing too hard to do anything for a while. mmm the period of concentrated lip-chewing silence was pretty :O too.

hmm i don’t think it’s supposed to look like this… on the bright side i disccovered a new hair style (a very very messy bun with a bright white sock) which i can pull off. i could wear it out one day and surprise all my friends haha. it’s genuinely comfortable too! *more thoughtful pondering*  I remember talking to Eugene when we went to underwater world about looks and i kinda agree that face is as important as hair in looking cool! like if you have a nice face you can pull off the weirdest hairdos.  okay CAN haha i’m gonna sleep now and XingYue and Joel will be the judge of its success tomorrow morning! i’m not really the 自拍 sort but i’ll see heehee. goodnight ;D

hello there bored guys, i randomly found a video where you could curl a few-inches-short hair!! :D go check it out~

on a more serious note, this just reminds me how important it is to have different kinds of friends, from those who can stimulate you intellectually and share your views and values (and for  me, my love and hope for mankind), to those who’d remind you the importance (and fun!!) of messing around with your looks. many people feel that looks are just purely superficial and that no one cares, but look deep inside your heart and reflect– is that really true? it’s not easy to do these things ^ as well, so let’s respect these girls for their mastery (and obvious effort poured in). in any case as youths it’s incredibly fun and pretty darned cool to play around with our God-given and society-dictated looks!! :D there must always be a balance between out and in. :) it’s lack of balance rather than anything else, that so damages oneself.

till we next meet, have fun living life and dressing up and mediating; just don’t get too obsessed with either! :)


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