havens in singapore :)

Had the cutest dream ever last night– A mix between setting up a farm, music, horse-riding, performance, good friends and hope :) it was a mix of movies– freaking cool :)

Hadley House Farewell’s today– it’s so funny, getting Farewell-ed to, when i was the one doing the farewell-ing just last year. the wheel keeps turning indeed!

I was supposed to meet my friend after, but something important cropped up and he couldn’t make it… no worries dear it’s perfectly fine, that outing’s just gonna have to take a rain check~ :)

In so many of the stories I read, characters spoke of a Place where they feel most comfortable, most at home– I thought they only existed in fairytales, or at most, in a more stylized country than Singapore… but that isn’t true.

It’s a spot I love to go to whenever I’m stressed and stuff, coz it’s really beautiful and peaceful.
…I’ve always dreamt of just sitting down and playing my guitar there.



I’ve always had half a mind to migrate to Europe or somewhere else because (in my naivety?), I thought that with environment comes peace and serenity. It IS true, especially for extroverted people like me who draw our energy from the outside; but I’ve come to realise that it’s not all true, that peace and happiness comes from inside as well as out. Evidence of me growing, maybe?!! Hahaha :) (but you’ll see traces of such thoughts in my europe post! i’m still neatening it up, 15 days of jetlag-influenced mumblejumble okay haha)

Anyway, such places exist here!! Hard to believe in this mad rush of a country called Singapore, but yes :) And for some reason this just fills me with incredible excitement. :)


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