hello brain~

…maybe learning neuroscience will reveal something about you :)

19 Dec~ *wobbly* trying to study a little bit for the 8am-4.15pm crazy neuroscience lecture tomorrow. :) did you know we covered 137 slides in 3 hours on monday!! next time someone says “this isn’t rocketscience”, i’m gonna chime in with– ohhhh brrr just wait till you see neuroscience.

i have a very very interesting post coming up– but the next few days are gonna be so super duper busy i’m not sure if i’ll have time! i’ll work on it a little everyday in my head and see :) goodnight~ violin today was fun.

//edit on 26 Dec: I’m in awe of the NUS YLL Medical School students :’) Today’s training was 9am to 4pm again– i’d stayed up late the day before, talking to a good friend of mine and i entertained the idea of ponning this session for a while before tossing it aside (“when i get back at 4pm i’ll read my application form again to see why i applied!”). Anyway :) I’m glad I went! I saw Kelvin!! I didn’t know who he was at first– though for some reason he recognised me straight away (and called my name omg), from AstroChallenge! He’s a year 2 medical student now, studying in NUS… AND also actively participating in Astronomy ><; It’s freaking incredible. :O

By the end of the lecture, i was so curious.
“How… how do you manage both biology (medicine is tough, trust me i’m only doing neuroscience and…) AND astronomy?! do you even go outtttt. ;)” I asked.
“Just study la!” he shrugged casually with no pretense.
“Yeahh I bet you do. Do you go out, then?!” I exclaimed half-jokingly.
“Of course I do, I have a girlfriend to go out with!” And for a second, the proudest happiest expression shone through his lecturer facade. :)

One day I’m gonna be as smart and well-rounded as these students are! (They’re not thatttt much older than me) And use my talents to better mankind. And most of all, i guess this too shows the impact a loved one can have on your emotions. :’)


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