That’s How She Knows

That’s How She Knows” from Enchanted (i keep thinking the title of this is ‘how does she know’) this is such a typical disney song, and the video is even more so– fairytale, sentient animals and melodious singing and a friendly world full of dancing people :) but really sweet in some ways. ironically ironically, it is very reflective of our real life– just watch the video! Giselle wants to sing, actually sings, but at the beginning Robert tries to stop her, clip her wings.

Giselle: How does she know you love her?
Robert: Oh no no noooo don’t start, people are looking. — sounds familiar? if you’re normal, stay low-profile unless you wanna be judged and negatively viewed by others. don’t sing, just- just walk okay, walk. *pulls her along*
Giselle: That’d be fun!
Robert: NO that wouldn’t be! ……….Are you crazy, they’re birds, obviously they don’t know

And she would have been silenced just like that, except for the African band– the most random and unexpected bunch of people possible, who started singing with her! Throughout the introduction, Robert interrupted and tried to stop the song (though disney made it such that he was very in-beat, yes).

The Magic of Life is that sometimes, the most surprising of people can pop up when you need it most and expect it least, and help you soar :)

Snippet of song lyrics:

It’s not enough to take the one you love for granted
You must remind her, or she’ll be inclined to say…
“How do I know he loves me?”

Everybody wants to live happily ever after
Everybody wants to know their true love is true…
How do you know he loves you?

He’ll find his own way to tell you
With the little things he’ll do
That’s how you know!

that’s not the whole song (it’s over 4 minutes long!) but… what are your thoughts with regards to the song lyrics? a question i’m still trying to answer.

thank you darrel for introducing the song :) goodnight world, TMD has an event tomorrow!! TMD@MINDS really looking forward <3


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