L2P Gaming Convention & EOY Anime Festival :)

That day was such an eventful day!!

There were 2 conventions happening together and pretty close to each other!! So we attended both. :) It was just Fangfang and I– Fangfang had a free ticket; and on my part, i wanted to see what kinda games gamers play, and better understand the mechanics behind addiction. :) I had read a little, but firsthand knowledge is never the same!

We met just outside the convention centre (that was easy when compared to how long we took to find the other convention coughcough) and there our adventure began~ the first thing i noticed was the noise. the relentless pounding pervasive noise! and the bright neon lights. then, the guys. everywhere we looked were guys! i shouldn’t have been surprised– i mean it’s a gaming convention hello! but i couldn’t helped but be a little intimidated at first. to be fair, there were girls– but the first few we saw were skimpily-clad, and undoubtedly a tactic to attract the multitudes of visiting guys. it was fun! we played so many games– avatar star, starcraft, world of tanks, and dozens of mini-games besides. i was astoundingly horrible at the first-person-shooter games haha my character kept getting sniped while i helplessly made it stumble around in circles, screen spinning like crazy. practice makes perfect? the mini-games were fun though, and i was so thankful to the staff who so patiently taught me how to move and smiled encouragingly even when restarting the game for the umpteen time (i don’t like giving up okay XD) there, i think i corrected a huge stereotype i held– gaming doesn’t really change one’s character that much, it doesn’t make one that much more violent, or all that unkind. while the atmosphere may be addictive at LANs and stuff, addiction isn’t a scary foe. AND! i drew a truly relieving and satisfying conclusion: I don’t think I’ll ever be addicted to gaming. :) It’s cool and all, especially starcraft! but it’s not my cup of tea, nor do i want it to be.

We proceeded for lunch right after! Roaming the many wings of MBS in search of decent food. (i think i can’t be a waitress i was laughing while carrying my tray and whoosh tea and coffee split and mixed into this dirty brown liquid on the tray, narrowly missing my phone ><) lunch passed quickly, we were eager and excited to get back! and ahaha this lady called me to tell me i was chosen in a lucky draw to take part in the game to win 1 million dollars worth of virtual cash! ;D

The game was Ragnarok Online 2! We headed curiously to their booth and i was kinda horrified to see that the game would be conducted ON STAGE. In front of everybody. With a mike and game hosts and all! We almost ran away– i was that scared– but i decided that ‘heyy we only get this one chance!’ and we promptly sat in one corner to wiki and study and game in order to stand a chance, however minute, of winning! I thought we could give the virtual cash away :) surely someone would be appreciative of them!

The game went like this– we were given 10 stacks of 10 prepaid cards each. Each stack was worth 100,000 (doing math, each card 10,000!) and they’d ask questions and give us 3 multiple-choice answers as options; A, B or C. The stage had 3 rostrums on it, each rostrum for each choice. 3 ladies cosplaying as RO2 characters manned the booths. We would place our chips on the rostrum whose alphabet was the answer we thought correct! And we only get to keep the cards which were on the right answer. So the game started! I thought we didn’t fare too badly, considering we had exactly 5 minutes worth of game experience– that was, till we reached the last question. After this last distribution, we got to keep our whatever cards we had left (a grand total of 4 stacks– virtual $400,000)

The question was “What is needed to form a Guild in Ragnarok Online 2?” and i can’t quite remember the options, but they were jargon, and neither fangfang nor i had a clue what they meant. i swept the crowd hopefully, and at a corner, i saw this guy staring at me –at us– with such intensity that i was immediately on alert– maybe he’d help us! if so i’d give him whatever winnings we got. :) then suddenly the host was reading the the options out- A, B, C. to my utmost surprise, the guy sprang into action, shaking his head at A, nodding enthusiastically at B and shrugging at C. we were given the option of consulting the facebook poll helpline and that we did. the answer was, again, A. trusting them more than we did ourselves, we placed all 400,000 worth of the cards on A. The answer was B. My gaze shot to the man, still standing, still unmoving, and very very emotionless, at the edge of the stage. I don’t play the game, so the cards didn’t matter, but i’m not sure if i should have felt just a little bit hurt at the guy who so suavely betrayed our trust. but i realised that no– firstly, he wasn’t obliged to help us; secondly maybe he had some ulterior motive, he did look like part of the company, and they don’t wanna lose money; and thirdly, that maybe he genuinely didn’t know the right answer. I just felt a twinge of regret i guess, that i couldn’t have won those virtual cash — taken them away from the multi-million dollar company, and given them to the gamers who so gamely helped us, or who wanted it. i think we were pretty darned good participants (and good losers too), with stage presence– so many people gathered by to watch us pretty girls on stage, probably their intention! The game ended and we very shyly rushed away, not before someone gave us this really cute pink plushie! ;) (we had to sneak back to collect my forgotten inflatable rock guitar eep)

I know this is the smallest of all incidents, but somehow it reminded me that i cannot trust everyone… My friends say I am too trusting, and I’m starting to admit i am. I’m not trusting in the accept-sweets-from-strangers way– that’s just plain street-foolish, and i like to think that i’m street-smart and independent enough! I don’t want to get unnecessarily hurt, but I’ve always believed that we must lead life courageously, and not let fear of hurt deny us freedom! After all, Life is like a Heartbeat– it is the ups and downs that show you you’re alive. :) i’m still not sure of this, and i don’t think there’ll ever be a right answer, but my friends, how can we reconcile these ideas? :O

We had had enough of the gaming convention, so at about 3pm we headed (or at least started head towards) the EOY animes fest :) i won’t bore you with the details BUT I THINK WE TOOK AN HOUR OR MORE to get there! haha we were too busy texting the musical dream and walking wherever the road took us :)

We eventually reached there of course!! And the atmosphere was stunning! :D Marina Barrage is a lovely place to hold a convention, and the weather was beautiful. The huge place hummed with barely-suppressed excitement and buzzed with music and life– it was vibrant and incredibly infectious! :DD We saw hundreds of cosplayers, heard 2 singers belt out vocaloid songs in with insanely high pitches and and and witnessed a flashmob!! i love how a simple song and dance can unite so many strangers and create something so jaw-dropping– it gives me faith in my project, this vision expresses itself in so many ways! :) we unexpectedly met our schoolmates too! Marcia dyed her hair bright orange hahaha, the secret lives of my friends ^^

We climbed all the way upppp to the grassy patches on the roof, where we watched the sunset. We saw so many families there, flying kits, picnicking– and couples too. i think it’s a lovely place to bond and have pure unadulterated fun. :) one day i’m so going back with my close friend(s). i think i’m more comfortable in small groups– a revelation that will surprise quite a few, i know. I like big groups for our combined energy and spontaneity, but small groups appeal to me for its opportunity for honesty :) i’m just a really people-person at heart i guess. though quiet time like now IS precious!

i have so much more to say and i could go on forever but it’s 10 minutes to 2am and i think i should sleep!! attending church with sam and fangfang tomorrow :) thank you God for giving me such an awesome friend :) it’s after such a long hiatus i’m a bit nervous but i trust them– together, we’ll survive anything!! goodnight world. :)


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