With Freedome Comes… Anime! ;P

I always thought I was watching anime– what with pokemon and avatar haha but I realized Japanese animes are different!!

IM SO FREE IT’S INCREDIBLE!! :DDDDD I wanna dance and sing in joy woohoo!!!

Been watching Naruto, and wow it’s nice :’) I’m so glad I have my friends to ground me though because it can be scarily addictive sigh.

3 serious lessons & random observations:
1. Addiction– there was this Russian boy who committed suicide when his favourite naruto character died. It’s so sad– a fictional character and it’s powerful influence into the real world :/ it’s important to have a sense of who you are and what you live for! On a random note, this applies even in relationships– I kinda recall my teacher saying with a most thoughtful look, “go into a relationship satisfied with yourself. you can’t go in expecting your partner to make you whole… most of the time it may not work out.” Einstein once said something along the lines of “I have friends so I don’t have to make all the mistakes myself!” Friends are there for so much more than making your mistakes for you, but yes we’re always learning and picking ourselves up. :)
2. I know how learn Japanese by watching anime gosh ^^
3. I know what *nosebleeds* connotes now XD hahahahaha. 我哭笑不得啊!

Just skyped my friend haha now that I’m a little more into anime, we wanna twin cosplay next time! ;D

Kk before I head off, couple more posts I wanna get out!
-Are the differences in my head?
-Lookin’ great! ;)


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