My Reading Life 1

A couple of really good articles I read / am reading! Spans a wide range of topics in my bid to become a better person :)

Disclaimer: I’m not saying I support them or anything! This is just a slice of what I’m reading now. And I genuinely feel we must read widely and without bias in order to be all-rounded, developed and wholesome individuals (gosh I sound like a healthy wholegrain wheat or smth!!), not caught up in our own bubble! This openness of heart and mind has made me who I am, and I’m not giving it up hahaha.

Abortion, Pro-Life, Pro-Choice:

James Rollins: (thanks XingYue!) — Interesting, Biology’s my favorite subject after all! :D

On Being Martian:

Gender Stereotypes and Fluidity:

Random Astro stuff:



More on it later– but it really had me marveling the beauty (or sometimes, sadly not) of human spirit and discovery. I’m proud of our species. :)

I’m following the US Presidential Elections too and ohmystars thank goodness<3


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