mengguna otak saya

Finding things to memorize for fun coz Malay and Chinese the past days have just been crazyyy ahh languages are well, languages. On the bright side, i can switch between the languages easily now! Hehehe alah bisa tegal biasa! Mesti mengucapkan terima kasih kepada Tuhan untuk memberi saya otak yang tajam akal HAHAHA 自夸啊 XD

Okay let’s see. Top 10 brightest stars (gosh need to practice star hopping but Singapore’s skies are T_T) (I should learn more hmm), Greek alphabet, Pi to 100 digits, periodic table (LKY I challenge you!!), renaissance art?, Chinese and English and Malay poems!! More more more I’ll think later! On the last few digits of pi now!

Angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa terasa nyaman, daun-daun pokok melambai-lambai sesekai.


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