Neuroscience ^^

THE THEME FOR INTERNATIONAL BIOMEDICAL SYMPOSIUM 2013 is NEUROSCIENCE!!! (with a focus on neurochemistry, gross anatomy, general physiology and altered states of the nervous system) And I’m going for it!! HURRAY<3

I'm not gonna sugarcoat it– this round it's gonna be tough, we're starting training this november (and through the months), for a symposium in february! And it's a team effort so none of us can slack off! :) ms lee told us the 5 of us about it, and I thought about it quite a bit– should I give up my nomination, because medicine wasn't exactly my interest? But I realized that I have a strong interest in psychology, and this is closely related!! If I go for it maybe I'll discover a hidden talent or passion :)

Good luck to us. Gonna practice violin, practice guitar, study chinese, study malay, read up for RA selection tests, start reading up about neuroscience and discuss astro star party! Till later :)


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