marks-receiving reflection.

I’m teaching Sarah ukulele and she’s teaching me dance hahaha and huilin piano and chem<;3 互相帮助! :)

we made aspirin during chemistry olympiad training today. chem's fun and I like it and alllll but i think I have more affinity with bio. we're all deciding on our jc combis now, so funny haha people keep telling me I look like a humans person / science person / lit kid. (versatile ttm ^^) but I think it's science for me. omg so tired after everything today– plodded to malay class and almost fell asleep (hoped my subconscious picked up something asdfghjkl)

my friend esabella was talking about studying overseas and topping the country hahaha I think that's actually plausible– but too slow a curriculum wouldn't challenge my mind, and I really wanna do that. Not to score brilliantly 24/7 but to open our eyes :) "I'd really like for the whole of Singapore's population to be educated. Because education enlightens us. …" Dr Tan, on education and the sanctity of knowledge.

yay today's marks were pretty good please let it continue I wanna graduate well :) but I think I'm finally slowly learning to accept :) my deskie almost looked like she was gonna cry because she couldn't get 4.0 GPA, i.e. more than 80% for at least 7 out of 11 of her subjects. And I finally realized how crazy some of our aims seem (my australian national chem quiz marks were 39/40, high distinction, and I was like hmm a perfect score would have been nice…– then NO this is good!!) pretty as straight As are. :)


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