books!! YAY <3

my friends are amazing ;D hahaha can’t wait to read all my books!! haven’t been reading for a while– so busy with everything, and I almost kinda feel uncomfortable! like a drained well x) reading refills me, revitalizes and rejuvenates my mind :) a beautiful spring, both fiction and non. YAYY super excited ;D


It’s incredible how I’m learning everyday– there really isn’t an end to knowledge! Just hope one day we can somehow contribute to it :))

Was teaching the lower sec kids biology today, and I realized teachers are so important. :) whilst drawing a diagram and animatedly explaining bio with my fellow BioRA buddies, a comment from the year 1s “ahhh why aren’t our bio lessons like this!! :/ wish they were like this.” Me: “Huh, isn’t that how teachers usually teach bio?”

“No, they just give slides and videos that’s it!!”

While teaching them, we poured in the knowledge we learnt from years 1-4… We really grew a lot, didn’t we x) mitochondria–>; endosymbiotic theory, ATP-ADP. DNA–>; central dogma, mitosis, meiosis. Transgenic, molecular, evolutionary, developmental… We’ve had a tone of experience!! “It’s really not to scare you, but to show you bio isn’t just limited to what you learn here in year 1. Always read more! :)” mm so a teacher can inspire and motivate, or dull the spice in our minds. Haha so pray for good ones, I guess! And never let the teacher override your willingness to study. :)

hanging out with my friends and rj seniors makes me feel so stupid small and wholly inadequate sometimes… Like I’m just a drop in the ocean of knowledge. Which I think we all are! x) I want to read more, learn more, express more, be the best that I can be. *cue Pokemon theme song, that’s why I love it :D* Be a bigger, huge drop! For what? Purely for fun. ;)

Oh! And build a memory palace too. ;) Method of Loci, i think it’s called! While my memory’s developing into an audio-visual recorder/sponge, let’s 趁机会吧!


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