meaning in life :) – TMD, TSP, something :)

definitely caught my eye!! i wanna go but…


i have TMD now<3 our dream haha must nurture this baby– we’re doing so incredibly well, ideas bubbling, excitement building, this will go somewhere!!

and i got into The Singlish Project! haha remember the post i made a long long while back :) wow.

and i wanna sign up for Meet-the-People Sessions! the recent national conversation with MP Mdm Halimah was really interesting, and much like pb (okay my late-night analogies are not very known for saneness but–) i think being a government is difficult. so many different groups to consider, our state, and of course the greater good. :)

should i? :O swinging a little between both binaries but must follow my heart. while we’re still young!!

goodnight, world :)


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