unexpected conversations and trampolines

hahaha today  had the most unexpected conversation with sarahhhh<3 i kinda whine a little sometimes, how i’m so unproductive during the in-btween options periods, but i realised that NO not true at all :) I was always talking to someone, and that is never a waste of time!! :) so anyway– from relationships, to her hongkong guy who-wants-to-be-a-明星, to jc, to other countries, to her wondering who should hook up with him (?!?!), the conversation was fun. thank you sarah.

on a different note, i think it must be lovely to have a partner who complements you perfectly. :’) earlier this week (wednesday), we had a 3-hour lab prac session synthesising esters using alcohols and carboxylic acids! (organic chem haha). it was so super stinky HAHA we created apple smells and strawberry smells tralala but benzoic acid was horrible! we all went back with odd smells wafting from our fingers. mr tan jokingly complained to us how his wife was commenting on his organic chem remnants. his wife then suggested he used lemon to get rid of the smell! because it will cause the reaction to reverse, changing benzoic acid to its salt, which can then be washed off by ordinary soap. turns out, his wife is in the chemistry line too. :D “so we can talk chem at home, haha!” he smiled cheerfully.

i now know 2 chemistry teachers who have spouses in the chemistry line too (because they have chemistry ahahaha). but isn’t it cool…? having someone who knows exactly what you’re talking about, and can bounce with you, smile adoringly at your random rants. someone who is able to add on to what you’re saying and feel the same passion. :) a little like how XY and i currently communicate haha!!

*this conversation happened when we were collecting donations in those clinky coin tins haha omg nerds ftw* because the sun was so hot we were talking about it and continued!
XY: when put under pressure, temperature rises (charles law) and water boils! (?) something about atmospheric pressures.
Me: yeah that’s why water boils at lower temperatures at higher altitudes…
XY: …because the air pressure there is less, and earth’s gravity pulls us down less too!
Me: YEAH at high altitudes, biologically, people are affected too! the tibetians, for example, have more blood in their bodies to cope with the thinner air and oxygen, but are at greater risks of strokes.

a whole long chain of ideas, built upon the our friends’ ideas, previous concepts, and our own knowledge. :) it may seem simple, but i really think it’s something special, to be able to communicate with an Equal like that. same topics and 2 very different interests and RAs fused to become a single awe-striking conversation.

I read this poem last year, about making new friends on the first day of school. I can’t find it on the internet… so my memory will do la! ;P

Our teacher sat us in a circle, asked us to Make New Friends.
We said how do you do, smiled and nodded.
Friendship like a thin coat of veneer, shiny and new.
The teacher left. We stare.
I sidle to a person. …… Talk to her but she’s like a mirror— reflecting back exactly what I said.
I move. Here’s someone nice! We talk, she’s cheerful, friendly, we get along.
Then someone else comes. And suddenly, like a bean bag, she molds herself to them.
Why is it so hard to make new friends? I don’t want a mirror, or a beanbag…

I think I need a trampoline— someone that will bounce back.

Not the exact poem, of course!! But the gist is there. :) It strikes a chord with me, resonates through my being.

You see, a couple may be colourful; but they aren’t colours to mix around… Yellow and Blue doesn’t always mix to give the perfect shade of green! We are multidimensional, and at a very basic level, the individuals really do have to be on the same page. :)

I’m starting a project, fulfilling our dreams. Is it possible to have something so scary and yet so beautiful?! All will be revealed soon!


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