an alternative view :)

what an alternative and insightful talk this was!! :O thank you xingyue for showing me this. <3 maybe maybe… we haven’t been seeing the full picture all this while? when ms chang was talking about how we feel guilty when we look at our iphones, seeing in our minds, the sweat and tears and suffering poured into it, i could empathise. when we think of other countries, say china, for some reason, the first thing that strikes me is the oppression in their assembly-line factories. x)

our study of human geography in school serves to propagate these stereotypes, i would say. we learn about how nike employs thousands (150,000?) workers across asia, and we learn about their sweatshops, the horrible terrible working conditions. but are we actually being presumptuous when we assume to know what’s going on  in their minds, when we assume we’re their saviours, and that they owe us gratitude for campaigning against their very factories?

“this simple narrative equating western demand to chinese suffering is appealing… but also inaccurate, and disgraceful. we must be peculiarly self-obsessed to imagine that we have the power to drive tens of millions of people on the other side of the world to migrate and suffer in such terrible ways.”

…in fact, many move to factories on their own accord, as part of their ambition to lead a better life. :) ms chang is admirable.

i guess this serves as a timely reminder that everyone is a person, a human being. :) whether they’re the ‘faceless masses’ assembling the tools of our globalization piece by piece, they are CANNOT be equated to those very bits and pieces of a mobile phone. :) they too have hopes and dreams and ambitions. what more of us? :)



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