2 days at home :O

Today I headed out for Chinese tuition– entered the lift, then stepped out into the sunlight and garden– and I felt so weird!

Racked my brain for a bit; and I realized it was because I hadn’t been out of the house for… 2 days!! 2 whole days, just 呆在家! Sleeping, waking up, studying, reading, sleeping. I’ve never done that before!! Gosh :O normally term time, weekdays I’d step out for school, weekends out to eat and have fun. My holidays would also usually be spent playing with my rabbits, at the playground, sports, music, learning something new (last year it was sailing!) hanging out with my friends… It felt like an age since I’d been out though it was only 2 days x) haha my spirit craves freedom I think ^^ and adventure!

But only 3 days till the start, and 11 days till the end of my EYAs! Really looking forward, I think I became fairer or something, all cooped up at home!! But that said, home’s a nice place to be :) food, entertainment, books, instruments, communication :) yeah!


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