Meet-the-People Sessions

Rawrrr can’t believe I only found out about The Temasek Times / The Temasek Review AFTER my SS PT was due, I could’ve said so much about it!! Asdfghjjkl >:)

I’m volunteering at Meet-the-People sessions after my EYAs. :)) From what I gather, and what Eugene said, MP sessions require you to have a good grasp of the issues that Singaporeans are facing, and the solutions the government have proposed– BTO flats, upgrading works, COE prices, foreign talent policy, baby bonus scheme and more– to be diplomatic; to listen and understand and write loads of letters. I’ve been annoyed on more than one occasion by how Singaporeans seem to take everything for granted, when their problems are actually so minute. But… less problems doesn’t mean no problems right? Do they perhaps have a valid concern, for them to be so unhappy? What’s bugging them so much for them to… bitch complain 24/7? (believe me, not all, but some of the posts are incredibly unreasonable, with virtually zilch thought put into them ><)

Well, I’m gonna find out. :) I don’t wanna only know the views of a certain strata of society and preach from a high horse! if I wanna grow and learn and go beyond superficial understanding, this seems a great place to start. ;D


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