STGCC, EYAs and post-leads :)

exactly 2 weeks till the end of EYAs!! And complete absolute freedom! Never quite had a time like this, seeing as how the past terms’ exams had followed the weeks 2468 system!

last lap, let’s go! so glad i grasp concepts easily enough and the exam syllabuses are so defined (though that can actually be restrictive but whatever learning is not just exams what!)

STGCC WAS INCREDIBLY FUN!! Ironically not just because of the convention (was pretty clueless there x)) but because of the company I enjoyed :) couple of choice photos coming up later for brevity’s sake haha a whole album is too messy don’tcha think ^^ bunches more to say, I’ll type them later :)

More blogpost leads, realized I have a bunch of half-typed posts haha.
–on the quest for more viewers?
–philo and excusing vice
–an article from the psychologies magazine: living in the moment :)

Thinking of running a combined blog with someone but things like that need a theme right hmmmm.

Till later, here’s a post entirely inappropriate to my supposed study mood but a nice read anyway ;)


One thought on “STGCC, EYAs and post-leads :)

  1. Regarding the combined blog, that’s actually a brilliant idea, except that like you said, you’ll need a theme. And the teamwork must be on spot.

    Shar and I had a combined blog once, it didn’t work out since we’re very very very different people. xD

    I’ll pm you the link later.


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