the psychology of happiness :D

Inspiration for the day, week and next 21 days:

The Happiness Advantage. Power of Happiness. Positive Psychology. :) To say it sums up my life is far from the truth (though a good part of it!), but i definitely admire this. :)

trying not to “demand a Type A+, not just a Type A” but it’s so hard when you know that the world out there has amazing people like him. Shawn Anchor. :)

I realised that having a blog (and forgetting to bring earphones on the bus) allows us all to focus on the xi jie, the intricacies of lives happening all around us. So many things to report over this week. Tomorrow I’m gonna study, positively. :)

Also accessible here, haha see so many links to watch this because it’s worth every single minute. Yup I’ve used that line before, but that’s not the product of blind optimism or a response of naive wonderment and awe, there’re just so incredibly many things in the world

RGS Speech Day 2012 early tomorrow morning, so I should probably get to sleep, but can’t help saying this — from the way we rent potted plants for formal occasions, to the ulu magnetic block on the fringe of the school, to our uneven longer-than-usual track, and school cat (which has a thousand names, christened by anyone petting it)– I love my school. :)

Take a step back today. Rise above our minute problems (not shove it away, no), and realise that no matter how hard


One thought on “the psychology of happiness :D

  1. (continue from your unfinished blogpost)…Things get, It’ll always get better. That’s how life works. No matter how shitty things get, it’ll always get back to being better.

    The key is to not be afraid.
    Not to be afraid of living.



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