blessing in disguise? :)

Some of you may already know this haha– but i recently had an operation done. No worries :) :) :) I just have to be more careful now and I can’t lift my left arm overhead now but i’m not a swinging monkey or tarzan anyway so–

At the beginning, obviously I was angry and annoyed (like whutt why me) and kinda nervous, but I’m starting to realise, as time passes and my head clears, that maybe, maybe, it’s a blessing in disguise!

Here comes the famous half-full-half-empty glass again! But gravity-defying and red-coloured, this time! ;P

Through this i’ve learnt and gained so incredibly much:

1. Met and rediscovered so many amazing people in my life :)
2. New foods! — Heh i’m on a strictish diet now so some stuff i can’t eat, but so much more that i can!
3. Rest and recuperate — And really think about what I wanna do when I can raise my arm enough to wave, presidential-style, again.

Point #1! Rediscovering new friends.

I went to school after missing it for a couple of days because I wanted to emcee national day with take5! :) And my teacher, whom i had just dropped a two-liner explanation for through email (yes responsible kid here hehe) rushed up to me and very very concernedly asked how i was. Super touched :) but the part which i really respected was when she suddenly thought of something and sneaked out of her place during the concert to talk to me. And this is what she said, “That’s good, at least you’ll be okay after some rest, just be careful alright :) But imagine those people born without limbs, or worse yet, having to amputate! Yet still, they survive.” (because i jokingly told her i couldn’t tie my hair or take clothes-hangers off their bar now) They survive and provide inspiration to all of us able-bodied people. :) You can imagine my surprised look– A teacher who gently reminds her students to care about others’ problems even in light of her own problems, inspiring her to rise from adversity… is something that i really admire. :) And it’s something my mum does all the time too :)

The warmth radiates not just from teachers, but from my friends too; and even out of school. Whenever it crops up (and i really try not to bring it up if possible! x) don’t quite need the assumptions and gaping stare) AND MY DOCTOR and surgeon and friend!! The surgeon I met through this operation is definitely a blessing. She’s in her mid-thirties, a small but commanding lady with a kind and confident aura.I’m so grateful to her, she’s an amazing person, multi-talented, strong morales, very Christian. She was inspired to study law because of all the cases she saw as a female doctor, of abuse and HIV and emotional-physical trauma (yes the dirty side of being a doctor). I talked to her for quite a long time, and it really… opened my eyes? ahh not sure if i can do her justice even when describing with all my soul, but my family and i are all glad we met her. :)

Loads and loads of anecdotes, some of which i may even have forgotten! But rest assured that there’s no short of warmth and kindness and light in all of our hearts, no matter who we are. :) Remember that when trouble knocks and you’ll make it through :) Oh and! Receive but remember to give, too. :) Sometimes, a little support is all that’s needed to save a life otherwise wasted.

Point #2! New new new~

It’s not just the foods which are new, the way i’m doing things, interacting with people and stuff too! But most obviously, we’ve certainly stepped out of our comfort zone in the choices of food that we make! Brown rice, asparagus, olive oil, all kinds of fruits (lovely haha), egggggggggg, grilled salmon, olive-oil-seasoned salmon, steamed fish, wholemeal, ALL types of green veggies haha, the list goes on! With every single thing I can’t eat, there’s a thousand more to replace it! And i’m really very thankful to the Lord for blessing us so because we have the means to buy these sometimes-expensive organic food. :)

Point #1! Reflecting.

Finally, I’m glad for the time I took aside to reflect! okay i’ll finish this in a week or so haha, later, i gtg now.

Really hope all of you see this as more than a post, and learn to treasure :)


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