random9 for my sudden out-surge of thoughts~

Random out-surge of thoughts haha what else is a blog for?! ;D

1. My family and I absolutely adore the shows ‘Bewitched’ and ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ haha it’s a  little hard to express in words (not that that has ever been a problem for me hehheh) but the jokes are actually hilariously amusing and it’s really good family fun! Walked around my condo in the sunset today with my mum, realised i haven’t been round in ages wow :) so today was a good day!

2. All said and done, National Day is something for you to feel excited about when you’re actually there, but if you’re at home I think it probably won’t be at the top of your attention. Saw so many people waiting hours to snatch a place at Esplanade to catch the ‘sounds, airplanes, and fireworks’ from the national day parade and wow those people really do have a lot of time XD

3. It’s so freaking cool to have penpals (not in the traditional sense of the word but emails work too!!) from all over the world! Was talking to my New Zealand friend and she very vividly told me all about the recent Mt Tongariro volcano explosion– how the air reeks of sulphur and rotten eggs, how scary it was coz she just climbed that mountain 2 weeks ago (thank goodness it waited till now to erupt<3). And having a friend there adds such a real quality to static words of pictures on TV. Another friend from RISC posted in our FB group to pray for victims of the floods in Philippines… And I’m still keeping in touch with my friends from Jordan and Bhutan, though Internet in Jordan seems hard to come by. But it’s so amazing and i’m so thankful for internet today :) communicating with people is something i really, whole-heartedly enjoy though, no matter where they are :)

4. SS PT ugh! thank goodness for our extension. ‘O’ levels Malay oral coming up for me too! Gosh i’m so thankful i’m not taking O levels :) :) No matter how crazily hectic things get around here, i don’t think it’s anything compared to how panicky it must be for those O level kids (some of my friends, at least)! And my ulcer hurts like crazy sighpie (did you knowwww that ‘sighpie’ autocorrects to ‘doghouse’?! haha gotta love apple ;))

Till later! Have fun enjoying the weirdest randomest things in life, oh and i really wanna catch up on my daily dose of knowledge from bigthink.com. Remember to always keep yourselves entertained and excited by new findings! We are like a well, I guess. We give out info, spirit, everyday, and if we don’t refresh ourselves (be it by talking to others or reading a book… or learning new things, we may tend to get a little dry and dull and boring. Cya friends! :D


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