Woah woah 8 days?! Haha my blog has been sorely underused, clearly evidenced by how it very nearly dropped out of my most frequent tabs list (nah, not quite, i’m exaggerating hehe) (fooled you?? ;D).

National Day is here once again woohoo!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE! :DD It’s the time of the year where we don red proudly and national day songs suddenly find their youtube views rocketing to the sky~

This will be a 2-part post, the first half will be on how my school celebrated it, and the significance it bears to… my good friends and i. And the second will cover Singapore’s remarkable progress since our happy birthday cake had but one candle on it. ;)


OHMYSTARS NATIONAL DAY 2012 MEANS IT’S OUR LAST ONE IN RGS AHH EEEEP ASDFGHJKL!! This year has never been more significant, and for some reason, experiencing things through the eyes of a year 4 just amplifies school spirit so much :) I couldn’t jump around much (more on that later) but the festive mood was high and red and loud and… boomz (hehe couldn’t resist). The old classic national day songs still ring true in our minds, and after mumbling through half of ‘Love at First Light’, we virtually screamed our hearts out for ‘We will get there’, ‘Home’ and ‘Where I belong’. I love how national day songs have so much meaning poured into them– too much, sometimes, but saccharine sweetness is bearable once in a while, and even comforting in this transient world of ours. (goodness we know this, alright. SSPT;SSPT;SSPTSSPTSSPT.) We emceed well (haha if i may say so myself ;)), the performances were varied and epic, the Rafflesian crowd was amazing, and my teachers and friends were lovely about me-not-moving-my-arm x) Ms Cheong’s concern still touches me, a two-liner from me through email, and it’s the first thing on her mind the moment i saw her?! If that’s not the trait of a teacher with heart, well pray, tell me what is.

<oh i need to insert a photo :))>


47. An unassuming number, really. A couple of lines scratched on a piece of paper… a 4-syllable twist of the tongue (more of a mouthful in malay though– empat puluh tujuh)… a number countable on 3 people’s fingers and toes… BUT, for us, it’s 3 years short of half a century, and a long long way since Merdeka in 1965. We’ve come so far in a comparatively short span of time, zooming up Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. There are some problems, to be sure, what with– foreign workers and talent, the high cost of living (COE, the never-ending upward spiral of our property prices), singlish, even. Haha nevertheless, I’ll say this now, and say it again– I’m extremely, extremely grateful for Singapore. I’m not sure what you may be thinking, but if i can mindread a little– ‘is this just the talk of an elite school pupil, one that has benefited from the system??’. Is it? Is it really just my friends or I that Singapore has shaped… for the better? :)

Dubai and RISC has shown me that Singapore has given me a great education, knowledge to widen my horizon, and so experiences to hold for a lifetime. The money I donate to disaster relief funds show me, time and time again how lucky we are, to be bereft of all natural disasters (‘cept the occasional shivery-shake). The newspapers, delivered so faithfully to us day after day by the way, have shown me shootings here, bombings there, war between another nations. The list goes on. I recently made a friend from Jordan, and she commented gravely on Syria’s worsening situation (she was surprised i knew about it too lol!). Few problems doesn’t mean no problems, of course. But these problems, we CAN work on together. :) Every year This Day,  One Nation celebrates together, the very concept makes me bubble with excitement. :D


Wishing us a very Happy 47th Birthday once again!! Congratulations on us winning 2 bronze medals in the 2012 London Olympics (ooh i love watching it haha okay another post)

…Aaaand there you go, the clock has just struck 12am. ;D



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