Chinese Morals ^^;

Haha chinese lesson was fun today (the chinese teacher mass lecturing us was good), but i must say i’m so amused by the righteousness and hopeful naiveté  of chinese morals. :) :)

Okay okay before that, i must say that i enjoy chinese! and i do think that increasingly, what with the Colorado shootings, the world needs excellent educators and healthy values. but no harm talking a little about it, no? ^^

Today we learnt how to pick good content for our narrative stories (情境作文), and one of the criteria stated was “fulfills logic”. In other words, no weird, unethical point of views, and possibly… as politically correct as possible.

We can’t say that 失败乃成功之母– i.e. everyone must fail drastically before learning from it and succeeding. We can’t say that happiness can come before suffering– no indeed, everyone must suffer before the faint glimmer of happiness reveals itself. We cannot protest that sacrificing oneself or committing suicide in despair of your country’s imminent demise isn’t quite the heroic act (屈原跳河,成了端午节的源出)– after all, who else in this lamentable world can compare to him, who else can ‘love’ his country to bits and jump off a cliff for it?

And of course, we can’t liken even the minority of humans to animals. I remember doing a compre passage once, where the author was doing a brave comparison between humans and animals (decent ones hor! horses, mules, oxen). The question required us to express our opinion on whether that comparison was accurate. For the first time in my compre-doing history, I didn’t feel like conforming to status quo, so I went against the statement, claiming that “welllll some humans can be likened to horses or mules, because they do and study without thinking or striving for excellence, and worse yet, they work without passion and liv without compassion.” (translated, of course!) When the teacher called on me to answer, I said just that; and ohmystars, his expression was absolutely priceless! (kidding, i don’t mean that in a bad way :)) He looked bewildered and shocked, and gave a helpless laugh before rebutting that statement– that humans could never be animals, and maybe some work hard, but they still have a brain. I really didn’t want to agitate him further, so I agreed and smiled and sat down. Fair enough, we homosapiens are in a class of our own when it comes to brainpower and innovation. :)

It was fun, and definitely worth a try… But truthfully, I don’t think I’ll ever risk being non-politically-correct in my actual exam.

So there you have it, chinese lesson #101! :) Chinese and their morals may be idealistic, but pretty cool nonetheless. :) What do you think? ;)


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