thank thank goodness

I almost made a really bad decision a while back– but so so glad i stood up for myself. :) And insanely relieved now that i’m finally figuring out the real picture for myself. It’s true, really, that you must spend about a year (or more) with someone, before you can even declare that you know her/him well.

Treasure yourself — We are Special. :)

And a particularly meaningful quote that Ms Chan brought up during our CLE block a couple of days back, “You must be happy and self-confident before even considering a relationship (no matter it be platonic, bgr, or whatever). You can’t go in expecting someone to fix you– it just won’t work out.”

I’m really proud of our school’s Singapore Kindness Movement OT. It’s incredibly difficult trying to move a bunch of stressed, act-cool and sometimes rather apathetic teenage girls (loads of experience, just ask me x)) but they tried their best and did what they could. It’s this kind of spirit and passion that will get us far. And just as a little reminder to us all, me included,– a little less cynicism and a little more genuine empathy and easy-going spirit will never hurt. :)


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