Higgs Boson– never give up!

I think I’m a little of an autodidact, what with deriving the Schrodinger’s Equation and the more recent Higgs boson. x) Later on that though!

The Higgs boson was discovered just early this month (4 July 2012), and it’s a historic finding, one that proves the Standard Model to be true, and threw the entire scientific community into a wild, spontaneous celebration. :D  And this epic, greying scientist in his slightly-accented voice, “I was so happy I wanted to cry.” We pour billions into projects like this and yet, not many people know of its existence. The day I went to check it out, I chanced upon the official CERN-uploaded video on the higgs boson on youtube. 400,032 views for a 3-day old video.

It may seem a lot, but when we start observing the millions of views chalked up on Bieber’s video a day after he uploads it– ohmystars, 天渊之别 worh! I was pretty darned curious, the news was published in newspapers all around the world, was so few interested enough to look it up?

So I conducted somewhat of a social experiment— “Hey! Didcha guys know, the Higgs boson has been found! :D” I’d exclaim to my different groups of friends, just for fun. The responses varied from “Huh?” “Nah…” “What’s that?” “Oh really?” to the occasional “YEAH IKR!” and the more common “Orh.” That wasn’t the main point though, i mean haha what kinda ulu news is that! I wouldn’t have known it either. …But the responses after my next line showed a lot more character and well… haiz. “Haha the higgs boson? It’s a small sub-atomic particle that’s the unit for mass, that scientists have been trying to find for decades! You can check it out if you like, it’s super cool! :)” Even after several revisions of my expectations, i’d thought the answer would be (at least) an “oh hey that’s cool!”. But what I got from most, was disinterest and cynicism, or self-resigned expressions of self-doubt. “Huh oh nevermind i’ll never understand it.”, “lolz nerd much!”. Mmm i get that it’s Particle Physics (with capital Ps) but so what! :) It’s just a name, doesn’t mean anything to a patient soul.

Haha on one hand, really goes to show how much interest matters i guess!

But on the other, never short-change or put yourself down :) Don’t get something? There’s always the internet, and every bit, byte of knowledge cumulatively contributes to intelligence. :) That’s why the ages 0 to 6 is the most productive age of the human brain; because we absorb all kinds of knowledge without discrimination. Beyond that, we develop our own opinions, rejecting sometimes wiser-choices for ones less so (immediate gratification? or is that stretching it too far haha XD).

Pursue your passion, but try not to turn down knowledge, especially on the basis of ignorance– who knows, it may be our talent! Till later, have fun learning! :D

p.s. if you missed my birthday– jason mraz, love is a four letter word. lost for christmas?– mraz. bored of toys?– mraz. hehehe jkjk<3 but really, every bit of the album is infused with positive energy, wow. maybe not those all-in-one-sitting kinda album but pretty cool. :)

3 thoughts on “Higgs Boson– never give up!

  1. haha not everyone at this age is so enthusiastic about particle physics and quantum physics or anything beyond what they need to score in their exams for that matter. Which is sadly the pitfall of our education system. Personally, I don’t think there’s really a bad choice per se as long as we are willing to learn from these “bad” choices. Thus benefitting us by moulding us for the better.

  2. The brilliant one :D says:

    I AM ALWAYS INTERESTED! Profound comment that Nat left up there.

    The problem is that education has become a matter of achieving rather than learning. I’m not saying that one should not aim to achieve but to achieve without learning is to eat without tasting, to see without colours and to hear without listening.

    The one problem I have with Singapore’s education system is that it places too much focus on ‘hardwork’ and neglects the fun. You can’t have knowledge without enjoyment. If one can’t appreciate the knowledge and pieces of information, then one doesn’t actually know.
    In the process of working hard people miss out the actual point of learning is not to get good grades or those pieces of certifications or a good job in the future and earn money, (although these can be results of hardwork). Learning is for its own sake. Curiosity is for its own sake. To remove the joy of finding out new things, to remove the natural tendency of human beings to seek and learn is the flaw in our country’s education. Too much focus is place on results and grades that having to be curious about things is no longer important.

    It’s sad, you know, to nurture a troop of zombies that have the capability to excel in work, but no longer have the curiosity or interest to find out about things.

    Not making much sense here. Sigh, it’s late.

  3. Bruce Wayne says:

    Everyone has different things they care about.

    Though I have to admit that the Higgs Boson discovery intrigued me beyond belief. I spammed my whole day reading papers and papers and papers and articles and articles about it.
    It is a bigger deal than Justin Bieber’s Music Videos, and I have to admit that it saddens me that not many of our generation gives a crap about some ‘cheem-ology’ Physics.

    Maybe it’s nerdy, but I prefer to learn about the Higgs Boson theory than do stuff like watch Music videos the whole day.
    …Because if it’s truly been proven…we’ve found a window for so many things. Time-Space manipulation! Who knows?!
    We’ve found a billion possibilities.

    And perhaps my scientific disciplines are starkly different(Biochemistry), I can appreciate and smile as a man of science.

    That feeling of knowing that something much bigger than us is out there… I love it. I feel alive, knowing that truth. :)

    PS: Take care of yourself, and stay safe.
    I know we’re not talking, but I’m glad to know you’re doing awesome.
    I haven’t forgotten. I’ll be on your side when I am most needed. For now, we walk our own paths.

    I subscribe, and it appears on my personal RSS Feeds~

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