breaking out of monotony

There once read this famous quote that went “success is the sum of little actions… day in, day out.” well i’m not sure how normal it is to think this, but the moment i read that line, something else struck me.

Success is the sum of everyday little actions? …Isn’t Monotony also the sum of little actions, day in, day out?”

Life’s a little bit like that sometimes, if you don’t make the effort to inject a little fun into it; so many people will just end up living it… day in, day out.

That’s why I treasure people so much, that’s why i appreciate books and movies, learning new things, gaining knowledge. All these (especially people), are dynamic, ever-changing, interesting and amazing. Together, we break the monotony of life, and shape it into something we look forward to everyday.

This kinda reminds me of a conversation i once had with my friend, about me doing so many things. Since young, i’ve tried and picked up many many things– from equestrian to ice-skating, swimming to fencing, wushu, tennis, sailing, soccer, piano, robotics, the list goes on. I loved them and enjoyed them immensely while they lasted, but never really did them competitively (expect for chess hahaha, which i have since stopped). Why? There’re 2 sides of an argument to it– the first being that you do one thing, and do it well. practice it everyday till you reach the top of the field with it. …then what? of course, there’s another side– the one that feels you just do things for fun, and you can drop it whenever you please, sans pressure to do well.

To each his/her own, but for me… I subscribe to the latter camp of thought– after all, my academics will hopefully get me anywhere, so why stress about something else? i learn things for the fun of it! :) the exhilaration, the fun, the excitement, the people, the passion. Nothing more, and definitely nothing less. :)

Not all the time does life have to be brilliant and filled with stuff– solitude and quiet time is equally important, to keep our balance with the world… to renew ourselves, find ourselves, and reflect. :) But the sun rises in a blaze of colors everyday– so what are we waiting for? ;)

What do you think? Does life ever get monotonous? What is your motivation for life? :)


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