i’m so superduper excited for our trip tomorrow!! hahaha just struck me– this entire afternoon i was this lethargic mood, and omg i almost fell asleep during footdrill (don’t ask how XP).

BUT I’M AWAKE NOW!! :D and looking forward like anything ;) It’s a little like RISC, but this time, WE are the international delegates! My family and I have always loved travelling, and Dubai is such an exotic place ^^ This Conference is organised by their MOE, and funded by UAE and the government, so it’ll be grand, not quite sure what to expect, wow. But a quick glace at the programme revealed numerous networking opportunities, something i’m definitely looking forward to! Talking to someone sincerely is one of the best experiences of mankind i think, for a while we get to delve into their minds, (analyse) how they think… and your view of the world expands beyond us and us alone. :)

wanna write about the higgs boson too, and the standard model– one of the most interesting things i’ve ever read! biology today was incredibly fun and enriching, molecular suits me, kinda… but i like chem too brrrr nvm will think about it when i need to!


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