studying, dating, and marshmallows.

can you resist that gooey blob?

squish squish sweet soft sugar~ (hahaha oh dear incoherent midnight brain)

I read this up about for WSC a couple of years back, and it suddenly struck me again– the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment. It’s a psychological study on deferred gratification and whether it correlated to future success. 4-6 year old children were led into a room, empty of distractions, where a marshmallow was offered to them, placed on a table. If the child could resist eating the marshmallow, he was promised two instead of one… Later. The results surprised even the researchers. In the follow-up studies, they found that a significant number of those who could resist the immediate gratification when they were kids grew up to become very competent adolescents and adults.

So how does all that link? My brain surfaced the weird connection in misty subconsciousness of sleep and wakefulness so haha, well! XD

Studying. If I could sum up the past weekend in a line, it’d be this– “Come on buddy, focus focus, steely determination, firm resolve, let’s go! …let’s mug.”

“What’s the freaking point” would be the topmost exhausted sentiment of all our heads (no denying that no matter what level of study you’re pursuing) and y’know what; I have no idea. :) For me, i’d regret if i didn’t put in my best effort for the subjects i like and it’s not like mugging till cows come home is detestable; but the motivation is different for everyone. Whether you’re trying to prove something to yourself, or society, or the bright blue sky– well. What matters is the ability to delay immediate gratification (computer? pet? music?), something way wayyy easier said than done! This weekend, I tried. And it worked… relatively well la! ^^

Dating. Whether it’s immediate gratification or a long-term investment is a whole huge debate (and i’ve enoughhhh debatesss), but it’s an inevitable distraction, i guess? Will delaying it help? If so, till when? Whose point of view are you looking from? Haha it’s no fun when we think too much about it, and not like it’ll solve anything lorh, so i’ll stop now. ^^ the answers will come naturally, and damn i won’t deny it when it does. but for now, as this ancient song so rightly puts it “whatever will be, will be!”

But it’s something to think about– what are you doing things for? There’s a camp of thought which advocates ‘action now! passion now!’ (not literally) because life is short but amazingly sweet if you let it so heck about work, let’s rolll! And there’s yet another, which advocates planning for a ‘sweeter future’. When’s the future? When’s the time where you drop your painstaking planning and enjoy that distant future? They don’t know, they just know we should think ahead. Neither is all right, it’s about striking a balance, and your moral values! :)

hmm okay this turned out very differently from the way i envisioned it to so mm i’ll edit later bloop goodnight!

hehe. <3


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