Appreciating Language :)

Haha absolutely adore the english language– just look at the author’s brilliant use of words!

“Stephanie Carrington really likes plants, but has a sneaky feeling that they don’t like her.

Dealing with these unsightly and inexplicable features has forced Stephanie to get creative. The rogue power plug is cleverly tucked behind a tasteful display of framed pictures. In the dining room, another stray socket is artfully hidden by a massive table set and flower arrangement.

There is a reoccurring theme of strategic furniture hide-and-seek—perhaps adopted from Stephanie’s modelling years. While a prominent oriental-inspired chest of drawers discretely stores all her shoes, the kitchen’s country vibe is enhanced by adding dashes of dark blue on the walls and displaying various tea sets culled from trips around the world.

Oh and? She has a poodle. ;)

“don’t you love my curly golden fur~” — she was our NSC host (unforgettable line from her haha “is that a cat?!” on our presentation, us: “…no it’s a mouse. T_T”), so just clicked on it and found this nice piece! :)


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