finding magic :)

i’m so oddly restless.

then sat at the balcony for a bit, looking at the dark sky, feeling the soft night breeze and watching the trees sway and majestic horses loping off into the starlight. ;) haha alright alright, kidding about the last two but oh gentle horses under the stars swishing their tails :)

the past few days have been a rush of hectic chionging and snippets of peaceful moments talking to my friends and teachers, people whom which i can truly be myself, without subconsciously tapping strength from a character i’d like to be.

i think i know why! i want to read… and ride again! i want to catch a bit of magic, sniff the light post-rain air, taste a little star-shine :) i want to do something i’ve never done before with my friend, wanna interact with something living yet simple– the warm mass of sleek muscle and huge brown eyes that is a horse.  just read a post from a eugene’s blog, and no one phrases it better than he does :)

“There’s at the most basic level an understanding that life just is; explains why we always look for meaning and when no meaning is found we look for direction and when no direction is found we look for magic. But don’t mistake magic for escapism; it’s not something we bring in out of nowhere. Good reading and good writing finds the magic, not create it, in real life – the little things you could notice, in real life. … Stories are essentially based on our understanding of real life – even the most fantastical science fiction and enigmatic absurdist work have that grain of reality. That we can take that grain and make special things happen give us reason to believe the same can be done in real life – if it hasn’t already.”

So yes, life gets busy, insanely so, mind-numbingly so. “But even if it’s just for a little while, a little bit, we should pick up that book, listen to that busker, tell that story.

Find that little magic.”

i’m finding mine. ;) but not alone, of course not. together with my friends&family, we’re only just beginning! ;D


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