sighpie sometimes some people annoy me insanely much. i need someone who can inspire me, show me that life’s amazing; someone who’s full of passion, compassion, wonderment and awe. Show me that yes, life hits you sometimes, but it’s so full of light there’s no reason to look down and sigh. i need someone refreshing! And no one’s perfect but i promise I’ll give back so so much in return. Please for once it’ll be a two-way thing. I’ve been helping so many people, motivating them to carry on, that life’s worth living (stars how did they get the idea that it’s NOT worth it!), and i don’t mind… but wells run dry too, y’know.

Haha but I have hope in humanity. I know someone amazing and i WILL find someone for me!!


2 thoughts on “refreshing.

  1. Phantom says:

    HEY MICHELLE! Guess who’s this? x) I understand how you feel. Sometimes some people really annoy me and make me angry/cry/insane/moody, but there are also people who can touch the depths of my heart, who can make me laugh even when I feel like crying, who can inspire me so much. And you know what? These people are the ones who really matter the most!

    I know how it feels like when helping people seems like a one-way thing, but towards the end, so long as you feel great about yourself having done a good thing, whether or not you get that piece of kindness back doesn’t really matter. Yeah have Hope! (she’s in our class you can hug her if you want >:] )

    You’re an amazing person and I’m glad you’re in my life <3

  2. The brilliant one :D says:

    Don’t worry Michelle! I’ve been feeling this way since primary school. People are always asking me for help with this and that (and honestly, it’s sometimes the only reason why they would actually talk to me) but at the end of it, you feel happy after helping. You feel drained too, but think about it! You brighten up someone’s life ;)

    And of course, you can talk to me! :D I see the worth of living! There’s no worth in death and so much in life! WE SHOULD DEFINITELY DO CRAZY THINGS AFTER THE EXAMS ARE OVER :D Learn new things, read books, go out and just have fun!

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