a little part of why i am Me. ;)

Wenxin and I were talking about Les Miserables today (she adores and appreciates good theatre haha ;))– and she started singing “I dreamed a dream”, sudden feeling of nostalgia haha, so here it is! It’s such a sad sad song, the character singing it, Fantine, was left alone and destitute when a man she was madly in love with left her… After she bore his illegitimate child, Cosette. :’) Ruthie Henshall’s voice is stunning — it takes not just a beautiful, but an incredibly special voice that can bring words… Stories… to life. Hers can. :)

“There was no ransom to be paid…
No song unsung, no wine untasted”

The song’s good, but guess what? We’re all still Dreaming, really. :) And i don’t think we should ever stop<3

I’m so thankful I’ve been exposed to so many wonderfully-written and played Musicals since young! :D Broadway or not, every single classical was a dream to watch– Phantom of the Opera, The King and I, Les Miserables, The Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, Wicked… etcetcetc. So unbelievably many that I can’t recall offhand, but all of them have definitely shaped me in some way or other. :)) A big shout-out to my parents!! :DD

You probably know by now I adore music haha, but ugh this is why I share a love-hate relationship with them now and then ><  I know i know it’s catchy and all and just a song but seriously?! Maybe now you have a little insight on why some things, some people, turn out the way they do– the incessant thundering of values like these, sigh.



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