random 8

oops another midnight post. x)

schools. just read the blog of a girl writing about her JC life (in some elite jc). for A levels, she scored BBBCA. and she said people asked her if she even studied at all (and yes she DID. very hard) because of all the elite school stereotype of getting superrrr highhh markkkssss. and well, it’s so real it’s kinda scary. people always assume that a good school = definitely good results and it’s so very easy to brush everything over and say it’s true, but it’s not.

“you’ll do well for sure, come on lah, RGS leh (or replace it with any other school)!!” is the commonplace response when we meet acquaintances (i’m making a distinction between friends and acquaintances here). the pressure. of course, why don’t you brush it off and pretend they don’t matter. i do that all the time, but at the end of the day who wants to be the one judged on / gossiped about when they score ‘badly’? those who i think will understand, i try to explain, that it’s not quite a bed of roses. but most others, i smile and nod and hope that yes, we will do well (because what? our school does our papers for us issit ><) and work harder. :) it’s a warped kind of motivation, so thankfully it’s not the only one.

i’ve recently been trying to convince myself that school’s not just about education, but about learning and that hey grades only pull you to uni– and the ramifications are that i’m bravely attending the Christmas Lectures (they’re super cool, started in 1825!) when my exams are just about.

asdfghjkl oh stars i just watched our guides batch dance video and i’ve been slacking off so badly for guides, exactly 6 days to learn our dance so i won’t mess up and stand out. 24 hours is all that makes up a day– time’s so so limited. how do you manage when everything’s happening at once?


One thought on “random 8

  1. Guilin says:

    Hurhurhur I am typing this when you are beside me OI STOP PEEKING LAH YOU NAUGHTY POOPOO XD hurhurhur remember what you said to me in the past? So long as you enjoyed what you do, other people’s opinions do not really matter (: and I guess what school really is about is up to you to decide (; I love you dear <333 "if I know I feel it, that's what counts." :D

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