church youth leadership camp + taekwondo + astro


the past few days was spent in a youth leadership camp… a church youth leadership camp (a fact i didn’t realize till the day before the camp, heh! but it’s cool). i wasn’t sure how much i’d learn from it, and to tell you the truth i was a little caught up with RISC– the epitome of a Brilliant Camp; and unfairly thought this camp wouldn’t be as meaningful in comparison. but i was wrong. :) thankfully so!

the entire experience was unique! :D
people— 80% of the students there are homeschoolers, and most are devout christians. played in an impromptu mini-band –played my ukulele with Lightning while Eusebio played the piano. talked about school life, subjects. yeah! *smile*
trainers— our trainers were  American, with completely different styles of teaching and interacting! ohoh and they all have the same family name! 2 brothers, the wife of a brother, and a sister. they are from a 7 children family (unheard of here!!), and i’m impressed :)
activities— we all had cover identities –my cover name was ray! reminds me of the sun :)–, did Models of the United Nations (MUN) (sounds familiar? yup so many schools hold it!) for the first time in my life! and i learnt about domestic decision making, yadayada ;) a lot more exciting than it sounds!

haha recently (not deliberately!) i’ve been in closer contact more with non-singaporeans, and the world’s so much larger than what we all make it out to be! there’s so much more than the rat race in singapore, so much more than annoying aunties on trains or rough boys, so much… more. it inspires me all the time, haha i wonder how many people get the same jolt of excitement from the wonders of the world x)     and i just can’t wait to explore the world! :D

~~~taekwondo was cool, 9 of us in a class for once! made friends with a bunch of friends. that’s how communities and friendships are formed! slowly getting to know each other, going out for dinner… ;D oops and hahaha our korean taekwondo master randomly pulled of his shirt after lesson. irk *music* it was so epic— i sheepishly smiled and hid my eyes almost playfully. haha i could see my friend laughing from the corner!! pshh. ;)

~~~on another note! ;)

i’m not sure if i’ve mentioned this before, but it strikes me again and again, each time. haha welllll somehow, i’m in RI’s astro group, and having been tagged in a comment today, i went to check it out! :) they were talking about recruiting rgs astro (which is a little non-existent) for RJ astro. anyway, results for astrochallenge are out, and omg RI swept the prizes. literally. champion team and best astronomer awards for both senior and junior category. oh and toss in best project awards too.

but more than that, i’m amazed at their genuine dedication to their passion– they are willing to spend time, money and so much effort, just looking at stars all day (or night. haha). and when they teach, explain, idk, wow. i can almost draw a parallel to the pokemon group, i guess. :)


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