board review day + random flying thoughts

9 hours with my friends today was amazing company-wise. Hahaha and i liked how for once, we didn’t overload on the drier reflections! Our day was filled with inspiration activities, and board-song-recording! can’t wait to look through the bunch of songs we recorded, i love how meaningful our board songs are — for once a song’s not just a distant piece written by an equally foreign singer. (though i do love music haha).

This is Us. :)

But well, BRD signals the inevitable– Welcome back to school…!

ohh and i had a couple of interesting conversations with taxi drivers which really highlight our generation gap, and kind words are powerful, still writing them! :)

worry? what’s worry?! if it’s something you can change– change it! and there’ll be nothing to worry about. if it is something you cannot change– why stress? leave fate to deal it’s unique hand.” Interesting perspective, huh! :) I read it somewhere a couple of years back, and it just reoccured to me, so here it is, slightly modified to enhance it’s essence.


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