time and tide

This isn’t exactly a new epiphany but… When we factor in work and all our other time-sapping-but-nonetheless-fun stuff there’s only so much time you have to spend with or on your friends. So… it’s important to choose the kind of friends we spend our time with. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not advocating for there to be a set criteria to ‘choose friends’, nor do i think that you have to find some benefit before hanging out with someone (eww that’s the epitome of being caught up in the rat race). Sometimes spending time blobbing (haha this is the term new zealanders use, instead of ‘slack’) around is fun enough! Just that sometimes, a little discerning judgement is for the greater good. :D

I was looking through my contacts, and past messages and omg there are so many people, so many potential friends, whom i could have kept in touch with, who i wanted to keep in touch with! My RISC facils, my Astrochallenge facils, my seniors, my primary school friend, old classmates… So many people, so much time demanded! But time flows by and the tide pounds the beaches and we drift. I’m wanna do something about it!!

Had this super philosophical discussion with my friend on my way back from east coast park yesterday, and somewhere along our conversation, she went “just look at all these people in the mrt. each of them are caught up in their own world, how much difference can we make, anyway!” and you know what, i actually kinda agree, but that doesn’t mean we don’t try. :) And again on the bus, I was smiling to myself because my phone happened to shuffle to a nice song, and I looked around the bus– tired faces, engrossed faces, couples conversing quietly. Someone stared at me blankly, I smiled softly at her, she jolted a little in surprise. Haha omg i felt like pulling out my ukulele and playing something just to get everyone to feel a little, to make that trip more than just a drifting existential necessity. Heh but I didn’t want to get Stomped, so…

Oh well. Maybe someday I will. :)


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