RISC and Biology (haha not much link la!)

I like biology :) but I’ve started to realise it’s kinda a double-edged sword? At the start of the year I was studying super hard for Biomedical Olympiad — respiratory system, cardiovascular system, their possible diseases or ailments, symptoms, how to treat them… Studying is cool but what if this knowledge leaks into real life? What if you see someone whom you suspect had a disease, or is not perfectly healthy? Do you tell him? What if you diagnose wrongly? …What if you diagnose correctly? A couple of weeks after the finals of biomed I saw a guy exercising. He was wheezing slightly (not in the asthma sense) and instantly COPD –chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a disease we had been studying pretty in-depth– occurred to me. I didn’t know what to do omg, was almost paralyzed in fear. But I think he knows he had it? So that helped a bit but it was scary. :/ Double-edged sword, indeed.

ON A BRIGHTER NOTE!! I’M ALMOST DONE WITH OUR VIDEO!!! :D So superduper excited to post it hahaha. And listening to Our Song… It’s so sweet. :) Haha playing by ear isn’t that easy (especially since Matthias and Zeph are so. musically. inclined. !!!) but sheer determination and loads of practice are pulling through I think :D Starting to hear chords better now! ^^

“We’re here, to finish up a story;
We were, just strangers in a part…

When you go away we’ll still see your face, smiling in the breeze… When you leave this place we’ll still hear your voice laughing in the breeze. After all we’ve done we will not forget- These Memories.”


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