raffles international science camp, part II

omg how can i ever repay my school for everything it’s done for me. actually i do know how, i’ll work towards it i promise; thank you , Raffles. ‘I love you’ doesn’t cover it :) — And thank you so much dear God for giving me these opportunities and please guide me as I strive to contribute to the betterment of humanity, to do something good for this amazing Earth and its Citizens. :)

RISC is the best camp i’ve ever attended (love how every participant unanimously thought so too)– have so much to say, half-done typing out :) can’t stop smiling when i think back, all the people, all the laughter, all our shared experiences, all the warmth pouring out from everyone :) my quietly-in-sync groupmates. felicity, hoa, first, kinley, bo-me (immortalising my girlfriends in my blog forever haha) and guan qun, prashaad, seiichiro, rowland, matthias and zeph. :) (and my odd but cool friendships with the guys haha they’re so unique! remember spazzing with hoa about them haha XP)  everyone’s different, so something must be really extraordinary to inspire shared dreams and ideas and memories to laugh at– and this camp did just that!

a shout-out to my facils. x) ” woahhh one of only 2 groups with all-male facilitators! how did you survive?” asked XY, half-jokingly. haha at the beginning that’s what i thought too but you know what, gender doesn’t matter. i want to learn to touch people like they did us. not necessarily in the outloud-rah-rah so you crush on me way (like a lot of house capts)… but quietly, unconsciously, heart-felt-ly. and? they composed and wrote a song for us. a freaking song with lyrics. :’) i love how his guitar soothed me in the pitch-black darkness, its deep resonance guiding my ukulele (i was all but panicking, playing a newly-acquired instrument in the dark okay), harmonizing perfectly with it.

i’m gonna practice hard, study hard. :)

plucked from Dr Loo’s closing speech,

“What a camp! Wow, you guys have had quite a camp! From the time you landed, you’ve been through back to back programmes – Starting with Professor Wood’s lecture on designing for better living straight to the Food Sciences and Forensic Workshops, Amazing Science Race, Baker Street Irregulars, the Ecowalk at Sungei Buloh, the Flyer, a Scientific Symposium, talks and Visits on Assistive Technologies, Rube Goldberg Challenge, Paralympics and Dine in the Dark! And today a fine closing lecture. I hope you all enjoyed every moment of it as we did organizing this for you, our foreign and local students alike. Saying hello and discovering our common humanity!” How… Succinct. So much memories buried in each. 6 days. 1 RISC. :)

at farewell lunch… :’)

we are more than we are… We Are One! :D

amazing science race


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