coaxing music (:

piano. drums. guitar. recorder (?! haha ikr). ukulele. :)

just got my ukulele yesterday! :D recently I’ve been rediscovering the excitement of creating surprisingly melodious blobs of sound from each of them.

So, what’s the difference between them all? if there’s one thing I love about all these instruments– it would be the unique feeling I get when I successfully coax music from each of them.

ukuleles are remarkably happy and such fun to play and run around with. guitars are deeper and nice to sing along with. piano? so much room for exploration and expressing emotions and I love it’s rich sound haha. drums… have always been pretty stress-relieving for me, letting the rhythm sweep you away, and grinning at my friend from over the top of the vibrating cymbals when our beats fit together perfectly.

haha okay random, but wanted to get it down. heading off for our picnic now! dang haven’t flown kites in ages! later (;

look it’s actually smaller than me!! and red(;

slightly off-guard, tilted-head smile, caught while i was relieving the joy of jumping with an instrument in hand but :) well! :)


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