let the holidays begin! ;)

RSP trip :) Really learnt so much! Haha I know it sounds cliche and all but the culture, the people, their inner hidden resilience, the ruins and the Volcano. Halus, contentment vs acceptance, warmth, farming, social, happiness, change. Wrote everything down (yes using pen and paper hee) including our… Emotion-filled and epicly funnyyy reflections haha. I’ll type them into something coherent later but don’t think i’ll get everything down so really just call me or something– talk to me if you wanna get the full picture!! ;) Words and their accompanying feelings show more than anything, don’t they? :) Dang can’t believe it’s the last day before we go back to “chasing grades in Singapore” says my friend. I kinda disagree (for better or worse) and ugh so much to say about our education system but that’s a story for later! Going for a party in my friend’s room now haha and waking up at 4am for our flight. !!!

Haha just as a precautionary measure– tmr I’m gonna try to keep my pre-crashing-highness and grumpiness to myself so I know I said look for me but please please IF YOU VALUE YOUR SANITY don’t prod me too much tmr! XP Quite excited for home haha this trip really made me appreciate my life and haiz :) I AM thankful everyday. What are my problems in the whole scope of things, right? So much to catch up with my friends and family and work and myself. Stuff to sort out but I have this warmest feeling that everythig’s gonna be alright. :)

Haha took this randomly while my room mate was in the bathroom! ^^ I’m such an awesome room mate I swear I take care of people so well :)))



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