on ‘IQ’, learning and APCG ;)

WHOOTS WE GOT SELECTED FOR APCG!! Asia-Pacific Conference on Giftedness in Dubai this year. ;) Immensely excited. :) Alright let’s go back to the beginning. I woke up at about 2pm after a long long super well-deserved sleep. My head didn’t spin anymore, no danger of stumbling over my foot down the stairs, banging myself on the various sticky-out projections that seem to jab you when you’re unaware. I woke up and prayed that everything went well over in school– the F&F carnival, Philo COI, banner results release, take5’s announcement… And what’s this, 15 new mails in the morning. I was initially worried but they turned out to be happy emails– raffles international science camp, and this APCG.

So everything was well and good, but i opened the pamphlet on APCG and something there made me pause for a second. “Criteria for Participation/ Selection: IQ 130+ and Academic Achievement”

Not sure if i ever mentioned this, but i don’t exactly like ‘Marks’, not just the tangible red blobs of ink on paper that seemingly define who you are, but the very idea of it. Sure, everyone loves marks when theirs show 100/100, 58.5/60, 12/16 (a close 4.0 whew) and admittedly, i do too. but the idea of quantifying a human being has recently been irking me a little more. So naturally “IQ130+” gave me some pause. But then i realized that IQ isn’t so much an innate thing, or a stiff figure like subject-based marks. Rather, it’s a learnt+gifted thing, and maybe it isn’t so bad after all?

The concept of IQ was introduced to me pretty late, or pretty early (depending on your perspective), when I was streamed into GEP in P3. “We should go for a IQ test!” my father joked half-seriously. It came up a couple of times in the years from then, but never garnered much enthusiasm, and was subsequently dropped haha.

For those who must go though, or whose curiosity overwhelmed their apprehension at their results, i really think it’s okay. Oh and? IQ can be consciously increased, so learn smart!

What’s IQ anyway? “Intelligence Quotient, determined by a series of standardized tests to assess intelligence.” But doesn’t intelligence stem from learning, which in turn stems from effort and learning? I’ve had a couple of personal experiences to testify the malleability of IQ, and the power of knowledge, which is why learning doesn’t quite give me shudders and chills. I distinctly remember how when i was 10, i stumbled upon the concept of quantum physics in the form of schrodinger’s cat and the quantum wave function. i read it once, and again, and again. suddenly i understood a little of what they said and omg  it was an odd odd feeling. in that moment the world around me expanded exponentially, swamping me with so many new ideas and possibilities; but at the same time i realized how little i knew, how insignificant my current knowledge was, and how much i wanted to learn and i wondered how i could’ve survived before that.  I still treasure that feeling whenever i’m learning– it’s incredibly precious. :) i remember printing that page out and zooming down to my neighbour’s house, because i was so sure she wanted to know too! she didn’t. and i got a confused look in return. but i didn’t give up trying to share. i figured when she discovered the magic of learning, she’d want to learn herself. and even now, that’s kinda the same hope i feel when i attempt to share. i got that feeling again last year, when i blindly went for this astrochallenge prep session in a small room woodlands cc. how much can i learn here, i wondered dubiously. then they started the powerpoint slides and– stellar evolution, celestial mechanics, astrophysics, astrobiology! lots, i realized. i can learn lots, no matter where i go. :) the most important thing is YOU. :)

It’s never too late to learn! I know studying has unsurprisingly gathered a negative connotation over the years, but there’s really nothing wrong with it. Who doesn’t want to keep on learning, expanding our horizons? Only our attitude towards it, and the marks that are an inevitable result of studying, will determine our love for learning.

Do drop a comment! Maybe it isn’t the most organized bit of writing but what do you think? :D


One thought on “on ‘IQ’, learning and APCG ;)

  1. Fabby! says:

    Schrodinger’s cat was interesting.

    I don’t know much, but I see it as that the truth is like always there, but it’s only when we make measurements and experiments that the truth will be discovered, or brought out.

    I mean, but the cat, at any moment, can be dead or alive, depending on whether the atom has decayed, or not.

    So, I’d say, that though, ideally, it is the best of nature to experiment for the truth, we must, however, be able to deal with the sight of a dead cat.

    You get what I mean. That’s all. :D

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