chillin’ with tauhui(: and stuff.

only to you all but i wanna shout it to the world–

i love hanging out with my friends… (all of them obviouslyyy!! but reallyreally) my pokemon friends. :)  thinking about it, yes i really do. i like being myself, with no expectations attached. i like being quiet and listening for once. yes “what?!”, you might be thinking. but it’s true, in school, usually out of school too, i just talk and listen and not really dominate (not that kind haha!) but really just in the think of things. okay so maybe you can call me out on that– “you have almost no idea what they’re talking about! it’s not that you’re not talking, it’s that you can’t talk! >:)” that’s true but but it’s nice, and even if i could speak maybe i would stay (pretty) quiet. i love listening to them ramble on, haze of sounds cradling my sleepy head. i like how they’re so passionate about a topic so obscure, or a topic not many would talk seriously. i like how they complement each other so well. :)  i like makingfunnyfacesatskyler. XP

i’ve always kinda admired those who knew the right balance between sitting back and observing and smiling, and being the forefront leader charging ahead. that rare kind of balance needs a startling amount of thought and heart and character. hahaha i know i’m almost praising myself but it’s true. and i’m glad i’m learning to do that i guess. so for now i’m content with sitting and listening.<3

today was super draining. nearly crying at the beginning of the day, my teacher being an amazing person (haha i bet she likes mee) despite my less-than-ideal marks in her class, my friends’ joking around, actually receiving marks and the intense relief, OH prep– highing around and rehearsing insane number of times, choinging house board, and having serious doubts about my capt choices mygod asdfghjkl, bathing like 4 times today haha, falling asleep out of sheer exhaustion in the afternoon, taekwondo-yay i’m promoted!! :)

there’s this really nice article we covered in english (alright our exam piece). the style’s good and the content even better. i’ll scan it in or type it later. :) just a teaser though– people we love have the power to alter our physiology– they applied an electric shock to women’s ankles and registered their brain anxiety levels. and they did it again while the women were holding the hands of their loved ones. their BRAIN registered significantly less pain and anxiety. such a simple bit of physical contact made a world of difference– and this is pure hard neurological science okay!! woah, right? “when we love, the slender pronoun “I” becomes a “We”.

heading to sleep after i settle my house stuff and maybe memorize our emcee script (shoot i need to put them into cue cards okay i’m sleeping before 1am i swear) :) my phone was vibrating throughout tauhui but i was just… ignoring it for a bit. :) chill i’m back.


One thought on “chillin’ with tauhui(: and stuff.

  1. Knight says:

    One thing that makes me happy to put my dedication into something like this group, is because we come from all walks of life. All kinds of personalities. All kinds of interests.

    That’s why I try so hard.

    And srsly, you should sleep earlier. I’ll give you a bad scolding later.

    Lots of love.

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