party party’s in the house tonight~

tracking my past thought processes hahaha it’s epic :)

written on 15 May 2012. incredibly excited for house party tmr! love my friends today we had house appraisals and I’m really quite proud of our nominees. I think they’ll do well– they’re passionate and vision :) *clucks like a satisfied hen* haha oh what am I thinking.

written on 16  May 2012. ^ LOLOLOLZ I wrote that yesterday night!! And just saw it today again haha. 7.30pm and we just finished our debriefing and everything– odd sense of dejavu, but there’s a huge difference. This time it’s really the last house prac for the year. Realisation didn’t really hit till our indiv comm debrief omg. I love housecomm, I wonder if they know :)) our heart, our enthusiasm, our spirit and spontaneity and epicness! And my year1s too. Didn’t really notice it much heh. but today my comm told me time and time again how ‘stalked’ I was HAHAHA it’s actually pretty funny. It’s a whole circle of events drawing to a close, for me, at least. i remember how we used to admire our seniors (however way we choose to express that admiration haha) and now, now. it’s our turn!

I’m so happy so fulfilled this year’s an amazing year for house… And me too. Learnt so much about leading and mentoring and time management and balance and going all out and holding back. And just had an incredible lot of fun!! Dancing and spazzing at the end of the party today to ‘all for one’ was kinda nervous at the start but it just faded away la :’) as long as we’re sincere i think it’d win the hearts of most people. :)

(so tired of receiving marks though– the red bits of ink on the paper that quantify your worth. if not to you, then at least to others.) goodnight :)


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