still alive still alive and trying to kick, house stuff’s drawing to an epic conclusion (mm not really will still have stuff after that) and everything’s suddenly coming together… at the same time… for better or for worse.

the time to choose captain nominees are here and we’ve finally finished all the appraisals dearlord i was literally staggering around in relief and muddleheaded accomplishment after i was done today x) i’m so scared i –we– choose wrongly and mygoodness this means the world to some of them. how how how do people ever decide what’s ‘right’? “we take the chance”, i guess said ryan once. :) along with meticulous appraisals and scouring and thought and stuff.

this system of 1 year4 + 3 year3s isn’t working out all that well i wish they’d realise before all this… i mean i don’t mind yeah– but it’s all too easy for them to go “oh it’s happened before in 2007 i’m sure you can manage. we have… reasons” in the euphoria of everything last year. and here i am now doing all these things in the middle of the night for that one line and my brave (helpless?) nod in response. dangers of being Powerful i guess, people listen to you almost unconditionally but dangggg i’ll never want to do this to one of my juniors, friends. must learn from my experiences and use it to help others next time :) that’s what einstein believes in too haha. guess times like these i appreciate my house comm even more :)

“it’s only the dark nights that illuminates the stars”– foveo :)

ohwhatever tmr’s recess and free blocks then. nights!


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