but i’m on my way

an overcast friday afternoon but the weather hardly matters, i’m home! home home home in the afternoon (4pm worh!!), a year ago i wouldn’t have thought much more about it but it’s something to be cherished for sure. :) exams are over! marks receiving time isn’t exactly the most exciting thing in the world; but it’s lovely to be so carefree and light. not that i’m not busy anymore, but the connotations are so different now. i’m busy in a kind of happy-arrangeable-busy, not so much the there’s-a-mountain-of-saikang-busy way.

i used to wonder if such a starry sky is possible and YES it is!! (new zealand! firsthand experience mmm). i used to have this half-love-hate relationship with astronomy, because it was so interesting and yet i couldn’t comprehend how huge everything was– no star out there’s less than a couple of hundred of thousand kelvins hot, no planet larger than ___ or bigger or colder or huger than us. and the sun makes up 99% of the solar system. ” no wayy how can it be that earth is less than 1%!! asdfghjkl pshhh” was what i used to think and even now it’s so hard to imagine but omg we really are so incredibly tiny, and yet… YET, filled with the miracle of life. Mountains, canyons, grassy fields, lush forests, the sea (i’d pick land over sea anytime though heh), warm nuzzling animals, humans. somehow, sometime, someone brought us all here together in this inconspicuous blue blob of land and sea– reading, writing, making friends, living. :) makes me wonder if SETI will ever succeed haha.

it’s how i connect to science, i guess. i love to write and i’m a “science kid”, and yeah problem solved, this is how i blend my passions into this concoction. everything’s connected in this inexplicable web that’ll figure itself out in amazing ways. so maybe i don’t know where i’m going but i know i’m sixteen and just gonna work hard and live bright and spread light. :) it’s just so much easier to accept everything life tosses atcha when you have support from your army -your friends and family :)- it’s alright to stumble around, but everyone’s here and patiently waiting. we just need to open our eyes and look!

the sky isn’t letting up so i’m just gonna finish up the rest of my random posts i guess (:

/edit: hahaha actually it has! the sun’s out, whoots :DD


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