Dialogue in the Dark

is no walk in the park. that day, we DID. (; Hahaha okay rhymes and stuffz aside, we had our very first batch outing for the yearr! And omg it was such a meaningful one. :)

In pure complete blinding darkness for an hour… was no easy feat, but a really really good experience, full of learning and really thought provoking. If there’s one thing i hate, i guess it’d be not knowing where i’m going. not metaphorically, coz i’m (for better or worse), quite alright with wandering around, exploring and discovering things on my own, in my life. but in real life, with things to bang into? >< not… really.

so we bravely walk in, having shed all light-producing devices, including our watches btw. what i thought was particularly neat was that we were guided by a visually handicapped guy. i was frankly quite scared at first– who’ll warn me if i, say, drop into the river. :O but he was really very encouraging, and made me feel not so much like the lost person who can’t tell left from right– but more on that later. :) we were given guiding sticks,

at the beginning -love that song!-, my eyes (all of our eyes, really!) were wide wide open, trying to catch a glimpse of light here and there but nothing at all. and it was incredibly disorientating– the absolute darkness and muddling around and it was so much easier to close our eyes. there were different rooms, and different themes in each room. the first was nature, and we walked on springy grass, soft sand, crunchy gravel. for the first time i payed attention to what was beneath my feet. i guess you’ll have to go through it to see. (forgive the pun, i mean feel.) :)

it was quite funny on hindsight– so just to highlight some more memorable times… i remember once after crossing a shaky bridge whose railing i clung to for dear life, Jason (our guide) asked us to stick to the right wall, and wobbling around, i promptly headed to the left wall. and somehow my friend felt it and snatched me back :) thank goodness for her alertness omg. x) and towards the end, we were let into this pretty big room (no echoes!) and told to explore ourselves. so i wandered off, tentatively poking ahead with my stick. i hit a solid object, but i thought it was perhaps a car or something so poking it, i continued moving forwards. the object wasn’t yielding and suddenly i realized it could be a wall. so i stopped and ohmygosh there was a wall right in front of my nose i was literally 2 inches away from smacking into it. false assumptions, i guess.

the last station we were allowed to buy things, and i smartly, on my friends’ prompting, bought hot tea. the cafeteria was still completely in the dark. and i could barely find the teacup, didn’t know the difference between creamer and sugar, couldn’t tell one note from another and so so many things i usually take for granted, i suddenly couldn’t do. so finally i gave up, “i’ll bring my tea out to drink” i murmured sheepishly. it struck me then, that i had an “outside”, a BRIGHT SEE-ABLE OUTSIDE, for me to look forward too! i had the option of waiting to go out and drink. when he talked about colour (is that fruit-that-smells-like-an-apple a green apple or a red apple?) i could imagine it in vivid colours. even when blundering around in the darkness, i thought of bright skies and open fields to fight the pressing darkness. your brain starts to imagine weird things when you’re in the dark. but i had light, and i had hope. :) and it was really nice for me to realize all that//~

appreciate everything you have, always. :) no matter what lot you’re dealt with in life, there will be something to look forward to, even the little things. :) oh and? i learnt to read braille. ^^



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