live the legacy (:

found this found this found this!!

just one spark starts a fire, yeah?

songs these days rise and fall like squabbling dictators in ancient china (okay bad analogy) and admittedly they ARE nice and catchy and rappy but some songs live forever :) love the oldies i was raised on– ABBA, Michael Jackson, Carpenters anddd DISNEY! Disney songs are awesome omg they pick the loveliest songs. at the beginning, we are one, hakuna matata ahhh/

living the legacy… as we grow older time passes faster i think. doing house comm captainship appraisals schedule now and my heart just thumped almost painfully. we’re selecting our successors! giving them house to take over. sometimes… it’s so hard to give something you love so much to someone else. (and to give your love) to trust them enough to take care of it and bring it where you want it to go. all our hours of discussion, we need to pass the flame, and pass it well! but i guess at the end of the day it’s just a learning process for everyone.

i remember sometime last year i had head prefect interviews and it was supposed to be 20 minutes but mine dragged to an hour and before that all my batchmates came out crying and omg. they asked about headprefectship vs captainship and asked and asked and i was explaining so earnestly why i wanted captainship but standing on the fork of the road– i think i nearly cried. x) maybe it seems small now but scale is relative, isn’t it? it was what shaped my life then and i’m just so glad i choose what i did.

“our school’s like a huge tree– pb is the roots, house is its fresh new branches! both are equally important. whether we choose to grow deeper into the ground and anchor us firmly… or stretch and grow and create. i want to help house grow. i want to watch it evolve into something bigger than me. i want to leave my legacy; i want to live my senior’s legacy. :) i just… want to do something please.” my analogy during the second round of appraisals. :)

hahaha but! still a bunch of house stuff to do so CYA! (;


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