fiammetta (;

omgomg didn’t know how much i missed hanging out with fiammetta till today :’) today’s GM was refreshing, meaningful and fun– the awesomest combi to wish for <;3

i learnt a really nice idea today though. it's related to The Daffodil Principle (go check it out!). sometimes, all it takes is just a little tangible encouragement and push, for us to make or break habits. so if you want to– grab a small calender, and set a goal. for everyday you do, put a little bright star on that day. keep your stars shining! at the beginning it’s hard (inertia says physics), but slowly slowly, the stars will buildup. one row, two rows; and then the feeling of not breaking the chain of good you’ve done will push you on to accomplish the rest! :) my friend stopped drinking coke for 16 days and another stopped swearing using this method haha. x) I really do wanna try. Any guesses what habit i’m trying to make or break? ^^

after that we just hung out, shihlinh chicken, froyo from sweet chills, hokkien mee; picnic by the black marble fountain. talked about anything and everything on the mrt journey back home. and spazzing like crazy hahaha omg seriously, together, we’re sp retarded it’s cool (; darn i almost don’t wanna go jc anymore– rgs’ home. more than that, i guess school in general just shields me from everything outside. and i know i know i’ll have to –i’ll love to– venture Out eventually, see the world as it is, not tinted by my invisible bubble. but, everyone needs a safe habour to retreat into. …what’s yours? :)

finally got down to typing finish my malay karangan practice lol :DD it’s quite cool how i’m becoming so much more sincere. i used to say i went to the “kolam renang dekat rumah saya untuk berenang” or “berlari-lari anak di taman setiap-setiap hari” for lack of better things to say. or that “___’s pelita yang menerangi hidup saya” omg haha. but now whatever i say actually means something to me. :) contohnya, saya berasa idola harus menguna pengaruh luas mereka untuk membuka mata masyarakat, dan mengubah persepsi tentang isu-isu penting.

corporate photos are out! :D can’t decide if i’m anticipating or dreading our faces merrily displayed all over school heh. >;<;


…tidak rindu saya,
mich (;


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