okayokay 5 more minutes before i zoom off to do malay i promise.

this weekend was amazing, hanging out with my friends from Poke SG :) it’s almost impossible to believe how many genuinely good friends i’ve made there, the things i’ve gone through with them, are STILL happening with them.   it’s really so much more than i ever anticipated and the very real and surreal experiences– i would do it again in a blink. just how many months ago i actually went down hesitantly to confirm their existence and credibility my god. x)

the hunger games movie left this tingly after-taste it’s happy yet ironically sad and if i were better at extended analogies oh i would– there are so many things it can be compared to in this world. the power of books and songs. :)

last week of exams — this imminent sense of joy and yet helplessness coz omg after this last mad dash there’s nothing… we… can… do. lolz that’s supposed to be a time of relief and joy right? 2 halves of the glass, empty or filled (or… 2 colours of glass, jade and rose– Ryan credit to you), we get to decide whether its nerve-wrecking or relieving. x)

so many posts i kinda want to post but hesitate to. i guess after friday i’ll finally finally look through them and see. :) :) its not that i wanna hideeee stuff its just my philosophy not to post things when i’m still super raw and filled with… intense emotional passion for that subject or something. so… keep an eye out i guess! there’ll be lots of stuff old and new and some of my deeper idealistic dreamy thoughts too, over and above my (very exciting) narration of Life. :)


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