this week’s gonna be pretty darned crazy, even by my standards. hoping I can manage without going nuts x) *crosses fingers* haish so many things to write about– they’re scattered all over. i’ll write them… next week.

the 2-4-6-7 system means we’re getting marks back throughout the year too. i’m super scared I messed up– and i hate the feeling. sometimes this pressure just clenches your heart, and it’s almost a physical hurt, a odd throbbing ache. mygosh if we can’t survive exams, what of Life’s bigger failures? i guess it’s just the feeling of wanting to do our best. that’s why sometimes my friends and i just like to hang out with outside friends :) we adore each other’s company– my school buddies and me, but it’s just… different! for better or for worse.

haha and it’s not even outside pressure! i guess just needa learn to have lower standards of myself lor :)

let’s go!!


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